President of the Board

Mr Jerzy Jędrzejewski, President of the Boards SMCE Europe graduated on Politechnika Gdańska, Construction-Environmental Protection

During 1992-1997 he was member of the board and Director of Development in Thermal Power company in Gdańsk

During his career he executed plenty of engineering projects, mostly on position of Contract Engineer

Most important executed projects:

· Construction of Transportation Center of Polish Post in Gdańsk, cost of investment: 22 mln EUR

· Construction of Hewelianum Center in Gdańsk; cost of investment : 6 mln EUR

· Construction of new office building for Lotos in Gdańsk; cost of investment: 18 mln EUR

· Construction of new Sport Arena in Sopot; cost of investment: 80 mln EUR

· Supervision of project of extension of LOTOS refinery Programme10+; cost of investment 1.2 bln EUR

· Construction of Waste Management Center in Starogard Gdańsk; cost of investment 30 mln EUR

With SMCE he is connected from 2017 year.